Cuckold stories

A Compromise Ch. 01

by Gary

06/26/2016 17:57 in domination

Chapter 1: Neighborhood Party It had been a month now, and the shock and surreal memory has given way to a realism in my mind. The party had been a good one, loud, full of our friends and lots of drink. In fact, at some point in the late night, I began to fall asleep in my chair and I felt David's a

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A Compromise Ch. 05

by gelir

06/26/2016 05:34 in domination

I stared at the person in the mirror. I didn't look any different. Something should be different, I thought. This was a sea change in my life. In a single evening I had gone from faithful, one man wife to,… what? What was I expecting? The sky to fall? I don't really know. I just thought that a chang

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