Cuckold stories

Absolute Devotion Ch. 05

by gelir

08/22/2016 00:26 in domination

A month after the dinner party at Erica and Mike's house, I was living with Erica in a nice two bedroom apartment in one of the classier sections of town. I felt like I was living in a dream, seeing her every day, worshipping her and her body with absolute devotion, and having her introduce me to pe

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Absolute Devotion Ch. 07

by Gary

08/13/2016 09:19 in oral

The next morning at work I was not functioning correctly. I had managed to sleep for about an hour before my alarm went off. I considered calling out sick, but I was worried that someone would think I was faking it and I didn't want to deal with accusatory stares from the bosses or my co-workers. I

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Absolute Devotion Ch. 10

by Gary

06/30/2016 03:38 in oral

Thanks in part to my other concerns, such as being treated like a regular at Highlights on the Marsh, I had all but forgotten about my modified hearing aids, which were still in my old lady purse. I got them out just before Whitney brought my drink. "Thank you, dear," I said to Whitney when she put

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