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Wife Gets Carried Away

by Gary

08/02/2016 15:54 in cheating-wife


This story deals with Cuckolding and impregnation. Please do not continue if any of these subjects offend you. This is a work of fiction, meant to be enjoyed. Please click back if this does not suit your style.

In a fantasy, there are no STD's, and pregnancies become nothing once you stop reading. Sorry it is so long. I get carried away with the details.


As I sit here in my beautiful family room, I watch as the cars and people walk by. It is a very nice neighborhood that is relatively quiet. We just moved in 6 months ago. I have already gotten to know many of the neighbors. They are mostly middle to upper class. Most have young families, which helps keep my kids busy most of the days. I hear the buzz of my phone, pick it up and read the text.

"Just turning into the neighborhood."

I respond, "I'm here waiting for you!"

I hear the car pull into the driveway. I stand up, check myself in the mirror and walk over to open the door. My husband walks around the corner, and upon seeing me, stops dead in his tracks, drops his bag, and runs over to me. He kisses and hugs me as I wrap my arms around him and pull him close to me. He feels so good. It had only been 5 days, but I was missing him a lot more this week.

His new job has made a lot more things possible for us, but the travel is a pretty big drawback. It seems like he is gone more than he is home. He will be leaving me again Monday morning, so I wanted to make the most of the time we had together. The kids were dropped off last night at my mom's. I wanted my husband all to myself for a night.

I feel his hands running up and down my silk robe and feel his leg pressing between my legs. I grind myself into his leg, hoping to feel him growing, and boy do I. I feel him trying to figure out what I have on under the robe, as I pull away from his embrace. I tell him to grab his bag and bring it in, so I can close the door before anyone sees me.

He laughs a little, and says, "Isn't that the point?"

I smack his arm and tell him, "I'm not trying to show off for anyone but you right now."

He tells me he is the luckiest man alive as we make our way into the house. His free hand wraps around my waist as he whisks me into the family room. I feel his hand sliding lower to which I pull it back up and round my waist again.

I tell him in my most seductive voice, "You won't have to wait long!"

"That's good," he tells me.

I giggle as I think about what I have planned for him. I lead him towards the bedroom.

He tells me I have the most beautiful ass he has ever seen. I stick my ass out a little and sway it back and forth as I walk towards the bedroom. I slowly open the door and lead him into our room.

He laughs a little and asks if I had just gotten out of bed.

I turn around, wrap my arms around his neck, pull him into me as I whisper, "Why yes, I was. Is that a problem?" I then kiss him on his lips as I feel his tongue slide into my mouth. I moan out as I feel his arms wrap tightly around my waist.

He breaks the kiss and says, "Not at all. What have you been doing to have the bed so messed up?"

I untie his tie and let it fall onto the floor. I unbutton his shirt and peel it off of him. His hands reach for the sash on my robe. I tell him I will take care of everything as I push his hands away. I grab his belt and unbuckle it, then undo the button on his pants and let them fall to the floor. I run my hands down his chest, then slide my hands up and under his undershirt. I feel the ripples in his stomach and his muscles tense as I reach his chest. I start helping him remove the undershirt as I step back.

I press up against him, letting him feel the silk robe against his bare skin. I run my nails gently down his back to just above his ass. I feel his pelvis gently thrust into me as I look up and kiss him. I drop my hands lower and feel the silky material of the panties I made him wear home on the plane. I gently pull the band up a little, feeling him squirm as the silk material started disappearing into the crack of his ass.

I slide my hands forward, finding the button on his slacks and undo it. I unzip his pants and push them down his legs. I run my hands up his body then wrap them around his back and slide my hands down his back towards his ass.

I run my hand down his ass, feeling where the material disappeared and moaned. I asked him if he liked being made to wear my panties on the plane ride home. I then whispered, "Could you feel me in them? I wore them the night before you left, remember?"

He moaned appreciatively into my mouth as I started wedging them even higher.

He tells me it's getting uncomfortable.

I stop for a second and tell him, "Next week you might find a thong in your bag if you keep complaining," as I pull the band up just a little more. I reach down between us with my other hand and start rubbing his obvious bulge through the thin material.

He groans into my hair as I kiss his bare chest. He tells me to stop or I will make him cum.

I tell him he better not. "I have been waiting for you all week long."

I stop stroking him and run both my hands up to his chest. I then push him backwards and rotate him so he is moving towards the bed. I feel his knees buckle when he gets to the bed, then he falls back into the messed up sheets. I lean forward so he gets a nice shot of my cleavage. I know he is trying to figure out if I am wearing anything underneath or not, but he is going to have to wait to find out.

I kiss him gently on the lips then push him back so he is laying on the bed. I climb up on the bed and straddle him, but grab the robe so as not to let on what I have on.

I lean down and kiss him on the lips, then down his cheek to his neck. I then start kissing down his chest and across his stomach. He isn't completely toned like a bodybuilder, but he does keep in fair shape.

I slide my body down his, letting him feel the robe brush against his growing cock, then his legs, until I slide down planting my knees on the floor. I hook my fingers into the tiny band of his red bikini brief panties and slide them down. I tug as he raises his ass a little off the bed and watch as they make their way down over his hard cock. I pull a little, freeing them from his ass and watch as his balls rest against the bed sheets. I pull them down his legs and free them from one leg, but leave them wrapped around the ankle of his other leg.

I run my hands up his thighs and feel him spread his legs a little, giving me more access. I gently glide my hand up and grab his rigid cock in my hand. I look up and ask him if that feels better.

He nods his head and looks down at me. "very much so baby."

I tell him "I'm glad, but don't get too comfortable, I have another pair for you to wear tonight."

He looks at me and says, "whatever you want dear."

I wrap my hand completely around the girth of his cock, feeling it pulse in my hand. I lean in on my elbows and wrap my other hand around his balls. I start gently rubbing them as I stroke my hand slowly up and down his hard shaft. I feel myself getting wetter between my legs in anticipation of sinking myself down on his extremely hard cock.

I tilt the head of his cock towards my mouth as I lean down and gently kiss the head of his cock. I hear him moan and feel it pulse in my hand as I look up at him. I then ask him if he had found any stories he liked while he was away.

He responded in a kind of hushed moan, "yes baby. I read quite a few while I was alone in my room."

I then asked him, "Which one was your favorite? Please tell me about it!"

With that, I kissed the tip of his cock as I stroked it up and down very gently. Just as he started to speak, I kissed the tip again, then lingered on it as I spread my lips apart and slowly started sucking it into my mouth.

He let out a load moan as he starts telling me about his story. He said his favorite was of a wife that went out with her husband to a local bar. The husband gets to dress her up in a short dress and sexy underwear. She spends the evening drinking, dancing, and flirting with a few different men. As the night progresses, the wife gets tipsy and horny from the drinks and being pressed up against the different men, and the husband gets pretty drunk watching the whole thing.

All the while I am slowly stroking and sucking his cock into my mouth. I know he wants to cum, and each time I feel him getting closer, I stop and pretend I am listening intently to the story. I can see that I am driving him crazy, but I want him to finish his story. It turns me on when I feel him cum after getting him so worked up.

He takes a big gulp and continues his story, all the while looking at me. He says that at the end of the night, the husband offers to give the stranger a ride home, so they walk out to the car. The husband watches as the wife walks out hand in hand with the stranger. When they get to the car, the wife climbs in the back seat with her friend.

As he concludes this sentence, I slide my mouth up the length of his cock. I can feel my pussy getting even wetter but have to resist the urge to reach between my legs and rub my clit. This is driving me as crazy as it is him, but I love it. I look up into his eyes and ask, "Are you imagining me climbing into the back seat with some stranger I just picked up at the bar? What happens next?"

I stop stroking his cock, fearing he won't finish the story.

He groans, "Yes, I would love to be your chauffer as you and he make out in the back seat.' It is a long drive to the house, and the husband watches in the rearview mirror. About halfway to the house, he sees his wife straddle the stranger and can hear the all too familiar moan as she sinks completely down on his cock."

I ask him, "did she use any protection?"

He says she forgot.

I immediately feel my pussy spasm as I think about climbing onto some stranger in the back of the car, feeling his bare cock enter me.

My husband asks if I'm alright as I squeeze his cock as a mini orgasm shot through my body.

I tell him "Yes, but I just came a little." I ask him if she made him pull out.

He tells me that she tried to get off of him before he came, but he held her waist tight and made her take his entire load.

I feel my pussy getting slicker with my juices. I tell my husband that is a very hot story. "I hope mine will be just as hot. I want to feel you cum hard inside me."

I reach over to the nightstand and pull out a condom. I tear it open and gently place it on the tip of his cock and glide it down the entire length. I stand up off the bed, and slowly start to undo my robe. My husband's eyes almost pop out of his head as he sees the robe open and fall slowly behind me.

"Do you like?" I ask.

He is beside himself. I don't think he can even makes a comprehensible sentence at this point. He just nods.

I look over into the mirror. Not bad, as I run my hands down my silk nightie, smoothing it out against my skin. I tell him I just bought it yesterday. It is a beautiful Hunter Green with black lace trim. It doesn't even cover my ass as I look back into the mirror and can see the black lace disappearing between my legs. The cups are see-through black lace and my nipples are quite visible. I slowly spin in place, giving my husband the full view.

I again straddle my husband and slide up his body. I kiss his lips as I rock my body sliding gently over his cock pressed against my stomach.

He tells me he loves the feeling of the silk nightie against his cock. I slide further up until I feel his cock against my pelvis.

He asks if the panties are lace, to which I confirm. He then tells me I should take them off.

I tell him not yet.

I lean into his ear as I press my pelvis into his rock hard cock. "I have a little story for you," I whisper. I raise myself up and slide forward, feeling his cock slide between my legs. I reach between us and guide the tip of his condom covered cock to my opening and start pushing down on it. I feel myself loosen up as my pussy begins its long journey down the entire length of his cock until his pelvis is pressed up against my clit.

I lean back down until I am completely on top of him."I hope you like this new nightie, but you are not the first person to see it on me". I slide myself up his cock just a little then back down, pressing myself hard against his cock." I told you I went out with Rachelle and the girls last night, well, a couple guys kept buying us drinks and we talked all through the night. They were very friendly and we were dressed to kill.

"See the dress on the floor over there, the one you bought me? That's what I was wearing last night. I know you love how short it is. Rob, the guy that was sitting next to me kept looking down at my legs, and when we danced, he kept grabbing my ass through it."

I heard him moan and I slowed down a little, wanting to prolong this for my husband as long as I could. I asked him if he was alright?

He moaned a little and said he was close. He said this story was amazing.

I told him there is more. I squeezed my muscles a little and felt him twitch a little more. I reached behind him and pulled out the empty condom wrapper that was buried in the bed. I leaned back and said, "see, here is the wrapper from the condom he used last night."

I felt my husband buck his hips. I pushed him down and said, "You can't cum yet, baby!"

He slowed down and asked if it was real. He then asked what he was like and if I had fun.

I rolled my eyes back and flipped my hair a little so I could look him in the eyes and said, "He was amazing. He left a little while before you pulled up. I put this nightie on this morning, and he couldn't get enough of me." I told him, "when I crawled back in bed after putting this on, he was laying behind me spooning me. It wasn't long until I had his hard cock between my legs. He was just as surprised as you were when he found that the panties were crotchless."

My husband looked up at me and I could see the lust in his eyes. He tried to speak but couldn't. I knew he was dying to cum. When he finally managed to put words together, he said, "How come there is only one wrapper?"

I giggled a little, then leaned down close to my husband's ear. I said, "The first condom broke last night. Neither one of us knew it at the time. When he pulled out the only thing left was the ring at the base of his cock."

My husband's eyes grew to the size of saucers. He said, "He pulled out right?"

I ground my pussy down hard on his cock, slid back up, then whispered, "No. We didn't know. He came deep inside me last night and twice this morning."

I slid hard down his cock as I felt an orgasm rip through my entire body. I could feel my pussy contracting on his cock as I felt my husband push himself hard inside me as I was rocking on top of him and felt his cock pulse repeatedly. My orgasm lasted about a minute. When I finally came back to earth, I slumped down hard on my husband's chest. We were both completely out of breath. My husband wrapped me up in his arms as I lay there.

I finally looked up and saw his face. He was smiling from ear to ear. He said "That was a fantastic story."

I ask him what made him think it was just a story?

He rolled me to the side and I felt his cock slide out of me. He got up and went to the bathroom. When he came back he laid down next to me. He pulled me close, and I just melted into him and held him close. He said, "You could never do that. I know you too well." I laughed a little and finally gave in. He said, "It was an incredible story though."

I then reached behind my pillow and pulled out the red thong that matched his panties from the day. I handed them to him then pulled out a matching nightie and made him put them on.

He did as instructed then came back to bed, curling up behind me. His arm draped over my body as I pushed my ass back against his crotch. I could feel him getting harder as I ground my ass harder into him. Once I was satisfied I had him hard again, I closed my eyes.

When we woke up, the sun was just setting. My husband looked at me and kissed me deeply. He whispered in my ear, "I hope you make this fantasy a reality some day."

I looked into his eyes and said, "How much of a reality would you like it to be?" I felt his cock start growing between us, and I could feel myself getting wetter.

We had been playing this game for a couple months now, ever since I caught my husband in the home office. I came home one day after going shopping and he was in the office with the door closed. I walked in and even though he tried to minimize the page, I saw a little if what he was looking at. When he left for work the next day, I went in to snoop. He had hundreds of pages saved.

I tried to be understanding, but I was a little hurt. I confronted him that night and he confessed everything.

He told me he likes wearing women's lingerie sometimes, and that these stories excite him. He walked me into his office and showed me the sites he likes to read from. He then told me sometimes he puts on my panties under his clothes, and when he travels, he likes to sleep in panties and sometimes nighties.

I was trying to wrap my head around it when he sat me down and let me read some of the more PG stories he liked. They weren't that bad, but as the night progressed, he became bolder and some of the naughtier stories were being pulled up.

I have to say, some of the stories were pretty hot. I walked out of the office and could feel my own panties getting wet. He tried to follow me, but I walked into our room and shut the door. I sat there for a little while, then I decided to test it.

I walked over to my dresser and pulled out a pair of silk white full back panties. I then went into my closet and found the matching nightie. I laid them on the bed, then changed into the nightie that matched my red thong.

I unlocked and opened the door and let my husband back into the bedroom. He looked at me and let out a little moan. He said I looked ravishing.

I thanked him.

He looked over on the bed and saw the matching set I pulled out and laid on the bed. I said, "Go put them on. I want to see what you look like."

He was grinning from ear to ear. I didn't know what to expect when he came out the bathroom. The straps were too tight on his shoulders which made the nightie ride high on his torso. I could see his little ass in the mirror with the panties covering it. I walked over and adjusted the straps which helped a little.

I told him to go lay down on the bed and I would be over in a minute. I turned out the lights and crawled in bed with him. He was twisting and trying to get comfortable. Once he had managed, I started running my hand up and down his stomach, feeling his body through the thin material. I actually started getting turned on.

He asked if I was alright, to which I said yes. He then asked if I liked any of the stories.

I couldn't look at him, but I just gave an uh, huh to the question. I ran my hands down his torso, until I felt his hard cock through the nightie and panties. I pulled the nightie up and started rubbing him through the panties. I thought he was going to cum right then and there. He probably would have had I continued, but I pulled my hand away.

I asked him what made him like this?

He told me it felt good against his skin.

I asked him what else had he tried on?

He said, "Bras, panties, thongs, a dress once, but he loved stockings and garters."

I was a little worried, so I asked, "Do I still turn you on?"

He was apologetic but said, "Absolutely. You are so hot and I love what you wear for me."

I felt a little better. I then asked him which stories turned him on the most?

I felt him move closer to me. It was strange feeling his body sliding against mine, but I could feel his hard cock pressing against my leg and it was getting me wet.
He told me his favorites are wives that have affairs while the husband is completely aware of it.

I grabbed his cock through his panties and started stroking it. I felt him buck a little as he went on. He said he likes it when the wife comes home to the husband after just having sex with someone else.

I asked him why he liked that?

He told me it was very naughty. He then said in some of the stories, the wives will even go bare with their lovers and risk getting pregnant.

Just as he said these words, I felt him buck hard and a big wet spot formed on the front of the panties. I was getting very turned on, and feeling him cum in my panties turned me on even more, I just couldn't let him know that it was. I pretended I was a little upset and told him to go clean himself up. He got out of bed and started to remove the nightie.

I looked over and told him to leave it on. He pulled the panties off and threw them in the hamper as he walked into the bathroom. I reached down, hooked the waistband of my thong with my thumbs and pulled them off. I got out of bed and pulled a fresh pair of matching panties out for me, then set the red thong on his pillow. When he came out, I told him to put the thong on. He looked at me and did as he was told. He came to bed and laid down next to me. As I drifted off to sleep, I could feel his hard cock poking against my ass.

I have since bought him some panties and nighties of his own and even found a site that specializes in lingerie for men, and every now and then, I send him off on his trip with a pair that I had worn. He likes it, and when he gets home, he is more than turned on.

I have also started reading some stories online as well. I was not as into the bareback thing as my husband, but every now and then when we are playing or sexting, I will really get into taking a bare cock. My favorite, and I know it's my husband's favorite is when it's by accident. The ones that turn me on the most are when the girl gets so turned on, she doesn't even think about protection until it's too late, or the condom breaks.

I started testing condoms when my husband was out of town. I have a normal sized dildo that I use to play with myself when I am feeling horny. I have put condoms on it and really worked in and out of my pussy just to see how hard it would be for one to accidentally break.

It is a lot tougher than you would think. I usually have to reach down with my nails and pierce the tip to get it to break. The down side to my experimenting is that the toy and the condom feel about the same, so I can't tell the difference.

I also started reading stories involving other forms of birth control. I have looked into the sponge and found that it just seems dirty when all is said and done. I did go to my doctor a few weeks ago and decided to get fitted for a diaphragm. I have been trying it out and so far it is the most comfortable alternative. I can't take the pill, so that is out the window.

I have used the diaphragm while sexting with my husband. I would send him a picture of the condom broken, after I pierced it, telling him it just broke and that I was full of another man's cum, I have even used it once with my husband. I reached down to break the condom to see if I could do it.

When the condom tore, I didn't tell him about the diaphragm being in. He went wild. I was telling him that I was pretending he was my boyfriend and that I wanted him to cum in my bare, unprotected pussy. My husband came just as I was stroking the condom down the length of his cock. He spurted all over the outside of my pussy. I tried to slip him back in, but he told me we couldn't risk it.

I pressed my pussy down onto his cock and started sliding my pussy along the length of it. I was still turned on and wanted to cum. I looked into his eyes, then leaned down and said, "Why would you be alright with someone else cumming in my bare pussy? What would you do if I was actually with someone right now, and the condom broke?"

He had a sheepish grin on his face, and I felt his cock start to get hard under me. I felt him buck his hips a little, and each time I slid back, I could feel him trying to get his cock inside me. I slid forward again, and this time I trapped the tip of his cock inside my opening. I could feel the head resting just inside me.

I stopped moving. I felt him try to thrust his pelvis up and slide more of his cock inside me, but I just held him there. It was getting hard for me, feeling his cock inside me, to not let it slide all the way, but I wanted an answer.

He looked at me and said, "You getting pregnant is not a turn on for me, It's the risk of pregnancy, knowing that you have a belly full of someone else's cum inside you and their sperm is traveling deep inside your body looking for an egg that may actually be there that turns me on."

I wanted to be upset. I wanted to find a reason to put all this to bed and be done with it, but deep down, somewhere in my core, a fire was starting to light. I felt myself pushing back slightly on my husband's cock. I could feel it inching its way deeper inside me.

I started rocking back and forth on it, feeling it go a little deeper every time. I heard my husband say something but I couldn't make it out, I was focusing on feeling his bare cock slide ever so slowing inside me. He didn't know about the diaphragm. I needed to feel him cum inside me.

I looked down at him and asked him what he said.

He pulled me close and said, "Do you like knowing that a stranger's bare cock is sliding inside your unprotected pussy?"

I felt every nerve in my body go off and every muscle tense up. My toes curled up under me and my pussy started spasming around his bare cock inside me and I started seeing stars. I collapsed on my husband's chest as I continued to convulse. He just held me tight.

I couldn't tell right then if he had cum or not. I heard him ask if I felt better, and just nodded into his chest. I then whispered I wanted to feel him cum. I started rocking myself slowly at first, then harder and harder. I Whispered in his ear, "how bad do you want me to take a stranger's bare cock inside me?"

"Very!" was all he could muster.

"How do you want me to do it?"

"Huh?" I heard him say.

I wanted to hear how he wanted me to do it. I said, "Do you want me to start with a condom on his cock or should I just abandon all pretenses and let him start bare? Do you want me on top, or do you want him on top? Should I beg for him to pull out, telling him I don't want to get pregnant but wrap my legs around his ass or beg him to fill me up and possibly knock me up?"

I could feel him straining, trying not to cum too quickly, thinking I was bare. He started to speak as I continued my onslaught with my tight pussy wrapped around his bare cock.

He said, "Start with a condom on and either accidentally tear it, or pull it off telling him you want to feel him bare inside you!" He grunted loud into my ear, "God, I'm so close, you better get off me."

I told him I wanted all the details, and unless he wants to be a daddy again, wink, wink, he better not cum. I said, "Keep talking!"

He was concentrating so hard, I could feel it as he spoke.

"The first time I want you to be on top, just like you are now." He grunted again, "You are going to make me cum!"

"Good," I thought. Serves you right. I started thrusting a little harder. I was actually getting close to cumming. I started hoping that my diaphragm would hold up, because I knew there was no way he was going to last, and neither was I. I thought about telling him about the diaphragm, but decided against it.

"Oh baby, you are driving me crazy. I don't think I can last much longer." I heard him say.

I said, "You have to, you don't want to be the one that impregnates me, do you?" As I said this, I felt my muscles starting to tense up again. I said, "Tell me what you want me to say!"

"At first, tell him he needs to pull out, or he will get you pregnant," "Fuck, I don't think I can go much longer!"

I then repeated what he said, "Oh baby, you feel so good inside me. I love feeling your bare cock in my unprotected, Ugh, Pussy, but remember to pull out, I don't want to get pregnant."

I felt him grab my hips and try to push me off, but I stayed true and continued sliding my pussy down hard onto his bare cock. I then asked, "Do I just ride him, like I am right now and let him cum inside me?" I could feel every muscle, every nerve, every inch of my husband's cock inside me. I wanted my release and I was going to get it.

"Fuck, No!" I heard him say. He then pulled my ass down hard onto his cock as I felt it expand inside me. "Just before you cum together, Fuck, I'm gonna cum, tell him to cum inside you, beg him to knock you up, tell him to send you home with a baby growing inside you!"

I felt him shudder, I felt his cock expand, I started seeing stars, then I whispered into his hear, "Do it, Cum inside my married, unprotected pussy. Cum with me, send me home to my husband full of your cum, and hopefully a baby inside my belly!"

That was all we could take, I felt him shoot his load deep inside my pussy, I felt my pussy spasm around his cock, milking every bit of sperm from his balls. I heard him say something as I blanked out.

That night started a fire inside of me. I was constantly reading pregnancy risk stories any chance I could get. I found out that he wants to be a cuckold and I was well on my way to wanting to make him one. Every time we had sex, I would play the "Hot Wife" out on the town.

My husband liked the fantasies of just finding some random guy and letting them fuck me and leave me. There was only one problem with that, I didn't know if I could actually do something like that.

I started going out pretty regularly with the girls from work on Thursday nights. My parents were happy to watch the children to allow me time to rest and clean up before my husband came home on Friday. They would keep them through Saturday morning to give us a little time to ourselves. I have the best parents in the world.

On these nights out with my friends, I would allow guys to buy me drinks and I would gladly spend a little time talking to them, but I could never get the courage to invite them back to the house or anything crazy like that. That didn't stop me from fantasizing about them when I got home. Some guys would get me so turned on, I would cum on my toy over and over again.

I would even send fantasy messages to my husband while I was talking with the random guys, telling him I was going to invite him back to our place. He would blow up my phone asking me all sorts of questions. I would leave him hanging until I got home, then tell him how good the guy made me feel and what we did. Most of the time it ended with me cumming hard on my toy, telling him I had a strangers cum seeping out of my pussy.

He would send me pictures of his belly and nightie covered in cum. It felt wonderful being able to share this fantasy with my husband and getting a great reaction out of him, as well as a great climax for me.

Needless to say, I just didn't know how to take this to the next level. I started getting frustrated. Here I was, permission from my husband to have an affair, going out and getting hit on once a week, and I couldn't go any further. That went on for about a month, until last night when I was out, I met someone different.

My group was at the same restaurant that we always go to. After dinner, a few of us stayed behind, like usual to chat, have a few drinks, and see what happens. The other 2 girls are single, so I try to be good until they leave, but that didn't happen.

The bar was pretty full, mostly business men and sales people. A few women were there as well as some couples. I had met a few of these people before, so as soon as we saw an opening for some seats, we took them.

We have a dress code at work that requires us to dress in business attire. I had on a navy blue skirt suit, blazer, and white button down shirt. I went with sensible matching heels because I often find myself walking around the office and to the other buildings. I didn't think I would have much luck tonight. I usually have time to change before meeting up with the girls, but that didn't happen today. Fortunately, I did have the foresight to wear my white lace bra, matching lace thong, garter, and nude stockings underneath. I still felt sexy.

As soon as we sat down, the guy on the left of me turned and introduced himself. He was a very distinguished looking gentleman, dressed in a very handsome looking suit, drinking something on the rocks. His name was Rick. He didn't start off hitting on me, just making polite conversation. He told me he had just picked up a large account in town and that he would be traveling here every week for the next few months.

I in turn told him I was local, that my husband traveled during the week, and that I came here regularly. Why I was so honest with him, I couldn't figure out, but something put me at easy with him. For the next hour I alternated conversations between my friends and he.

Around that time, the girls were talking about going to another bar. They asked me if I wanted to join, but I politely declined. I was captivated by this man, and I had no idea why. He was slowly sipping his Crown on the rocks, but every time I would get halfway into my drink, he would order me another.

I asked him if he was trying to get me drunk so he could take advantage of me.

He laughed it off and said he could never do that to a beautiful lady such as the one sitting next to him.

I giggled along with him as I continued to converse with him and enjoy my fruity cocktails.

After three drinks, I started imagining myself taking advantage of him. How I wish I had had the time to go home, freshen up, and put something a little less conservative on. I took a look around the bar and most of the women there were dressed well, showing lots of cleavage, and wearing tight fitting outfits. I couldn't understand why Rick was so in to me.

I decided to ask him, and I told him to be honest about why, with all these other beautiful ladies here, he was still talking to me.

He told me that I was the most beautiful woman there. He said I was down to earth, where as the rest of the girls here reminded him of bar flies and very superficial. He also told me he was married and that he really wasn't looking for anything but a captivating conversation, and that he had found that in me.

I started blushing and told him I was flattered. Thank God I didn't go home and change, I would have probably put on something just as bad as what the girls were wearing and never met Rick.

It started getting late, so I told Rick I had to get home soon. He asked for the tab as I headed off to the bathroom.

I texted my husband that I had had a good night, but I was headed home alone. I instructed him to put on his red panties and matching nightie, but I couldn't provide him with any fun tonight.

As soon as I pulled my skirt up, the cool air caught me by surprise. The crotch of my panties was completely soaked. I was so turned on, I wanted to take care of myself right then and there. What had gotten in to me?

I knew I would be home shortly, so I refrained from doing anything but peeing. I couldn't put my panties back on because they were soaking wet, as though I had peed myself. I hoped I didn't have a spot on the back of my skirt. I walked back out to the bar, and a slight pang of jealousy came over me.

Rick was still sitting in his spot, but a younger attractive woman dressed beautifully was sitting in my spot. I walked up to Rick, tapped him on the shoulder and said goodbye.

As I walked out the door, I have no idea why, but I felt sad. I felt like I could talk to Rick all night long. I felt that we had some kind of connection. Just as I hit the unlock button on my keychain, I felt a hand grab my shoulder.

I froze in my tracks, ready to swing my purse at my attacker. I heard him say my name and I knew it was Rick. I breathed a sigh of relief, both that I wasn't about to be attacked and that he had left that slut at the bar for me.

I turned around and looked up into his eyes. He reached for my free hand and placed something in it, then he tilted my head with his finger so I was looking straight at him, leaned down, and kissed me on my lips.

My head was spinning and I immediately wrapped my arms around him and pulled him close to me. We broke the kiss as he whispered, "I have been waiting to do that since I laid eyes on you."

I swooned and almost lost my balance. I Asked him, "Why aren't you talking to that slut, eh, I mean woman at the bar?"

He said she was all fake and he wasn't at all interested in her like he was me.

I felt my heart flutter and me knees get a little weak. I told him I'm flattered, but I am married. She would be much easier to get.

He shocked me when he said he doubted that.

I felt my face flush and my pussy dampen between my legs. I asked him what made him think that?

He said I had a different look than all the other married women he had met. Something about me had him taken from the minute he saw me walk in.

I told him he had his back to me so that's not possible.

He asked if that was why I looked him up and down and chose to sit next to him.

He was right, I had looked him up and down, and there was no mirror at the bar so I thought it was safe. Guess I was wrong.

With that, he cradled my head in his hands, and leaned in for another kiss. I gladly leaned into him as I wrapped my arms around his wide back. I could feel his muscles bulging through his coat as well as a hardening cock pressing up against my stomach.

He broke the kiss, then said, "I will be back next week. I hope to hear from you before so we can plan our date next Thursday."

He kissed me one last time, said his goodbye, and walked away. I was a little perplexed at this, but I could feel my nipples straining at the lacy material as well as a cool dampness between my legs. I watched him walk away, but not back into the bar. He turned towards the hotel next door and disappeared out of view.

His image was burned into my head as I turned towards my car. I finally opened my other hand and found a note in it. Simple, "Rick, Penthouse, Sheraton." His phone number was written across the bottom.

I climbed into my car and started it up. I sat there for a little while deciding what to do. I really wanted to go meet him in his room, but decided against it. I put the car into reverse as though in a trance or dream, then felt myself driving home.

As soon as I got home, I came out of it. I checked my phone as I stripped out of my clothes. Once I had my suit hung up, I took a look in the mirror. I decided to take a picture of myself and send it to my husband. Along with the picture I texted him instructions on which panties I wanted him to wear on the plane tomorrow.

He replied right away. Said he was sorry about me striking out, but said I looked stunning. I thanked him. Just as I hit reply, I remembered Rick and what a crazy night I had. I sent my husband a short story, leaving out some things, telling him I didn't completely strike out.

He was giddy with excitement over the turn of events for me. I told him it didn't go anywhere, but who knows what may happen in the future.

As I started to take off my bra, a very naughty thought crossed my head. I picked up my phone and dialed his number. I wasn't one to call boys before, but something was different. It rang a few times and then I heard his familiar voice.


I responded, "It's Stacey, we met a little while ago at the bar?"

I could hear his voice light up as he recognized me. "Stacey, thank you for calling. I hope you got home safely?"
I told him I did. I felt my knees going weak again so I sat down on the bed. I looked down and couldn't believe I was still in just my bra, stockings, and garter.

He asked me what I was doing, and I told him I had just laid down, but wanted to hear his voice again before I went to sleep.

He said he was glad I did. Then he requested that I get some rest and that he would call me in the morning.

I thanked him and said good night.

Just before he hung up the phone, he said, "See you next Thursday."

I crossed my legs as I felt myself gush just from the sound of it. What did he have in mind? How far would I let it go? Why was I so excited?

I hung up the phone, texted my husband good night and that I would be waiting for him with an extra special story for him when he got home tomorrow, and closed my eyes.

I heard my phone buzz, so I grabbed it and looked at it. It was from an unknown sender. It simply said "Good Night, Sweet Dream!" I recognized the number, and sent back, "Same to You".

I stood up, but just before I took the rest of my clothes off, I turned sideways, tilted my head towards the mirror and snapped a picture. I then attached it and sent it to Rick. I looked at the picture after I sent it for what seemed like an eternity, until the phone buzzed again.

I backed out of that message and pulled up my husbands. He sent me a picture of him all dressed up in his nightie, panties, and a hard cock trying to poke out of them. I complimented him, then set back to task. I needed to get dressed for bed.

I grabbed my short white silk nightie, then reached into my panty drawer and pulled out my white crotchless silk, with lace border panties. I looked into the mirror and thought, "That's Hot!" as I felt my phone buzz.

I looked at the message and Rick was complimenting my outfit. He said, "I knew there was a vixen hiding under those clothes. I thanked him, then pointed the camera at the mirror and snapped my last picture. I sent him a very sultry one of me in my nightie, my breasts jutting out from my chest, my nightie pulled up in the back just showing a little ass cheek and a little lace of my white panties.

Again, the comments were very tasteful, but he scolded me for not going to bed. I giggled at that as I turned the lights out and crawled into bed. The phone buzzed one last time. "I hope you bring that outfit with you."

I laughed as I set the phone down and closed my eyes for the last time.

The dreams I had that night were fantastic. I could feel every inch of Rick's hard cock deep inside me, stretching me, pushing deeper than anything I had ever felt before. In one of them, I heard myself beg him to cum as I felt him press himself harder inside me. It felt so real, I remember just before he did cum, I pulled him out of me, fished out my diaphragm, then guided him back inside me completely bare. Once he was deep inside me, I begged him to cum inside me deep and hard.

I came just as I felt him cum. It was so violent I actually woke myself up. I looked down between my legs, and between my pussy lips was my very own dildo. It was only sticking out an inch or so, but I hadn't been working it. Hell, I had put it away the night before. As I pulled the toy out of my pussy, I had a couple aftershocks reminding me how hot it was.

I turned to lay it on the nightstand, when I saw something laying by my water. My diaphragm was laying there, and the weirdest part was Rick's phone number was under it. I shook my head trying to make any sense of it, as I set the toy down and tried to go back to sleep. Every time I would close my eyes, I would see myself pulling the diaphragm out and guiding his bare cock back inside me.

I ran my hand down my nightie, past the hem and onto the front of my panties. I pushed my hand further down until my fingers were nestled in between my pussy lips. I was soaking wet. I didn't think I could produce that much lubrication. I pushed a finger, then 2 inside me, pulled them out, then started playing with my clit.

I closed my eyes feeling the sensation of another strong orgasm about to rock my body, but I couldn't get myself there. I looked over onto the dresser and had a wicked thought. I grabbed my toy, pulled a condom out of the drawer and slid it all the way onto it. I then reached over and grabbed my diaphragm.

I started working the diaphragm back inside my pussy where it had been before I went to sleep. I then took the toy and started sliding it into me. I closed my eyes and immediately the visions came right back. I could feel Rick's hard cock sliding into me. I could see the condom covering his cock as he slammed it back into me.

He started saying, "You feel so good, I just don't think I can cum inside the condom."

I felt myself reach down with my other hand, find the band on the condom and grasp it as I pulled the toy completely out. I had tried that a hundred times and it hadn't worked anywhere near as well as it had now. I threw the condom onto the nightstand, then plunged his cock back inside me.

I closed my eyes and it felt so different. It felt like a real cock was sliding inside me. I could see Rick poised right above me, I could feel his pelvis contacting mine as I thrust the toy back inside me. It felt very real. I pushed harder and harder with the toy until I felt it bottom out inside me. I wiggled it a little, wanting to feel every inch of that shaft inside me, when I felt something move.

I kept my eyes shut, still imagining him above me, stopping his movement. He whispered into my ear that he can feel something inside me.

I tell him "It's my diaphragm, it's the only barrier left keeping me from getting pregnant."

I feel him wiggle his cock a little more and push a little harder inside me. He moaned a little as he is doing this. He tells me I feel so good.

I arch my back a little, feeling the tip of his cock press down, then roll my hips down as I feel something give inside me. I feel him slide his cock back a little, then forwards. I can feel something on top of his cock. It feels really strange, but at the same time really good. He keeps sliding back and forth, nice and slowly, until I feel something coming out of my vagina.

I reach down with my other hand and grab what feels like a rubber. I pull it out of me, open my eyes, and look down to see what it is. I couldn't believe it. I had dislodged my diaphragm with the tip of my toy and was now holding it in my hand while still fucking myself.

I held it there as I laid my head back down on the pillow and closed my eyes. I could see Rick above me again, but now, he had a devilish smile and was holding my diaphragm in his hand. I see myself reach for it, but he throws it onto the bed. I tell him I can get pregnant now and that he needs to stop.

I feel him push back into me even harder as I try to push him off of me. He is much stronger than I am, and I feel him plunge his cock deeper and deeper inside me with every thrust. My body starts to respond and I tilt my pelvis up and into his thrust each time. I hear myself whispering stop, as I push back harder and harder into him.

I see his facial expression change, I can feel his cock slamming harder into me, I feel it start to expand as a sudden bliss takes over my body. I can feel my orgasm starting from my toes, working slowly up my legs, a distinct tingle starts welling up in my pussy and shoots straight through my belly, all the way to my head.

I scream out at the top of my lungs, but nothing escapes my mouth as I feel his thrusting becoming more violent. I feel his cock swell even bigger, and just before I pass out, I see my legs wrap around his body as I pull him deeper inside me. I whisper "Cum baby. Cum deep inside me. Send me home to my husband with your baby growing inside me."

I woke up a couple hours later, still in my nightie. The dream I had was pure bliss and I am grinning from ear to ear as the sun lights up the room. I reach over, but no one is in the bed with me. My pussy aches a little, and I can still feel it spasming. I look over and see the toy on the nightstand again. The diaphragm is under it as is the condom and Rick's number.

My ass feels raised, so I reach under me and feel a pillow wedged under it. I remember doing this when my husband and I were trying for our first baby. I run my hands down my nightie, feeling my belly.

This goes on all day. Each time I came, I would fall asleep for a little while. I was having fun texting with Rick throughout the day when I was awake. I even sent him a couple risque photos. I even sent him one of my crotchless panties.

He told me he almost came just seeing it.

I told him if he is lucky, he would get to see the real thing soon enough.

He said he was on his way home, but Thursday couldn't get here fast enough.

I sighed and told him the same.

About 4 in the afternoon my husband texted that he had landed. I had sent him some pictures to whet his appetite, but nothing as bad as what I sent Rick. He was beside himself. I went about picking up a little in the room. I put my toy and diaphragm away. I put Rick's number away. I threw the condom away, but placed the condom wrapper under the sheet in the bed. I changed my night gown and went to wait in the family room for him to get home.

That weekend was crazy. I couldn't get enough sex. Each time my husband penetrated me, I saw Rick's face and would cum almost immediately. We went through an entire box of condoms. He had to go buy more.

Finally, Sunday morning I was too sore. We decided to go get the kids and spend the rest of the day together. I kept looking at my phone, but nothing. Not one single word.

Monday morning, I helped my husband pack for his trip. In addition to his normal attire, I packed a new nightie and matching panty set. I also packed a matching garter belt and his thigh highs. I knew he would love them. I wanted him to wear them on Thursday night for me.

As soon as my husband was in his car and headed to the airport, I started getting ready for work. Just as I finished putting on my lingerie for the day, I took a picture and sent it to Rick. I thought I looked really sexy with my hair all done, makeup on, and a very skimpy white thong, matching push up bra and garter, thigh highs, and 4 inch pumps.

I finished dressing, got the kids ready and headed off for work.

All day I waited for a reply, but never heard back. Monday night it was all about the kids. Once they were out for the night, I changed into a sexy nightie and settled in for some fun. It was just like Friday morning all over again. I could see him clearly in my head. I could feel every inch of him. When I woke up, everything was back on the nightstand and I had a pillow under my ass.

Tuesday went the same way. I sent him a picture of me in my lingerie, got dressed and headed off for work. All day long I waited for a reply, but one did not come. Tuesday night, when the kids were asleep, I left all the lingerie on, but slipped off the panties. I grabbed the matching nightie and went to bed. I decided not to use the toy for the rest of the week. I laid there hoping I would hear from him tomorrow.

I dosed off around 11, but around 3am I woke up to an amazing orgasm. I reached down and felt my toy, which I now named Rick, deep inside me. When I pulled it out, the condom was broken and I was wet. I put it on the nightstand and fell back asleep. When I woke up I had the toy deep inside me again, and a pillow under my ass.

I put everything away, got ready for work, and even though I said I wouldn't I sent Rick a picture of my lingerie. I was really hoping I would hear from him today, but as I closed my eyes that night, I still hadn't heard a word.

I slept like a baby. When I woke up in the morning I felt completely refreshed. All my things were right where I had left them. I was relieved. If I was going to meet him, I wanted a good night's sleep. I showered and did my hair and makeup.

I grabbed my new white bustier with matching g-string. Next I put on my new white thigh highs. I clipped the garters to the thigh highs then slid on my 5" white sling backs. I grabbed my most conservative full length white dress, and my black blazer. I donned my jewelry, grabbed the kids and headed out the door.

Once I got to work I instructed my husband what I wanted him to wear this morning, which was a matching white full back lace panty set. I had even bought him a matching white no show, unpadded bra to wear. He sent me a picture with them on, then fully clothed. I told him I had a special surprise for him tomorrow, so he has to wear this all day or he won't get it.

I spent the day working and generally ignoring my phone. Around 4 that afternoon I heard it buzz. I reached into my purse, moving the white nightie and crotchless panties I had placed in there this morning and read the text.

It just said, "Dinner, 6pm. See you soon."

I was giddy as a school girl. I called my parents to make sure they were picking up the kids from daycare. I then sent a text to my husband.

"Are you still wearing what I told you to wear?"

"Of course I am." was his reply.

I said, "Good, now before you go to dinner, there is a matching garter and thigh high set in your bag. Put them on. Make sure you send me a pic. Be a good boy, and you will have a wonderful surprise waiting for you when you get home tomorrow."

I sent him I love him to which he responded the same.

I left work a little early and headed towards the restaurant. When I got there, I went into the ladies room, checked my makeup and hair, then changed into my crotchless white panties, and slipped the nightie on under the dress. Once I was put back together, I grabbed my diaphragm case, pulled it out, and slid it into my already wet pussy.

It takes some work to be able to do all this in a small stall, but I figured out how. The nightie was more like a slip, just with lace cups and a little lace trim. I put my other panties in my bag, checked myself in the mirror and headed towards the bar.

It was only 5:30, so I ordered a drink. I texted Rick I was here, but didn't hear anything back. Around 5:50 I was starting to get nervous. I grabbed my bag and checked to make sure I had everything. I found the condoms on the bottom of the purse. I placed one on top of everything, so I could get to it easily. Thank God for large Purses.

Just as the clock ticked 6, I felt an arm on my shoulder. I turned to look, but it was the maitre d'. He informed me that my date would not be meeting me downstairs. I gave an inquisitive look as I started to get up. He then told the bar tender that my tab was on the house.

I started feeling hurt as well as embarrassed. I huffed a little as I walked behind him towards the door.

Just as we exited the door, he stopped, looked at me, then said, take the elevator to the penthouse. He handed me a gold key and said, "slip this into the card slot. It will take you directly to the room."

Holy Shit, I'm pretty sure my eyes lit up, but a very nervous pang hit me in the gut. What had I gotten myself into. It was like my feet were moving to the elevator on their own, and my arm reached out and pushed the button before I knew what was happening. I could see everything happening, but it wasn't me in control of my movements.

It had to be the fastest elevator I had ever been on. I slid the key into the slot and was whisked away up to the penthouse. The door started to open, but I didn't think I would be able to move. I stood there for a minute, but just as the doors were getting ready to close, I saw an arm dart out and stop it. As the door opened Rick came in to view.

My eyes lit up and a huge smile came across my face. I walked up to him and just as I was within reach, he grabbed me by the waist and pulled me into him. I threw my arms around his neck and we both leaned in for a kiss.

He felt wonderful. I could feel him pressing into me as I threw my leg around the back of his, trying to get him closer. I immediately felt him getting hard against my belly. It felt like we were melting in to one.

I felt his tongue in my mouth and his hands gripping the small of my back. I could feel my pussy spasm and get damp. We both knew exactly what we wanted. I had been fantasizing about this for an entire week. My mind was reeling as every nerve that touched his body was on fire.

I could feel my feet shuffling back a little, and just as I started to trip, I felt him pick me up completely off the floor. It was like I was floating on air. We didn't go back very far before I felt something under my ass.

As I was set down, I could feel the wall behind me. it was cold, but I was on fire, so it felt great. I spread my legs allowing him to rest between them as we continued to make out. I reached down and started undoing his tie, then his shirt. I pulled his shirt out of his pants and helped push it over his shoulders. His shoulders were massive. I ran my hands down his chest as I felt his abbs flex. I didn't rest long as I reached out and down to his pants.

He was panting into my mouth as I undid his belt and could finally reach his button on his pants. As I undid them, I felt him pulling my dress up in the front. I could feel as the hem slid gently over my stocking covered legs.

There was no pretense at this point in time. We both had a natural, wild attraction for each other that was pushing us into an inevitable outcome.

As soon as the hem of my dress crested my knees, I let go of his pants and could actually feel them caress my legs as they fell to the floor. I reached down to get at his boxers to release the monster of my dreams.

I pulled at them as I felt my dress ride even higher. His hands were now on the outside of my legs, pushing the dress back, but sliding gently over the stockings. When I felt him touch bare skin, I pulled hard at his boxers, and dropped them to the floor.

There was now nothing stopping him or I from seeing this through to the end. I reached up, grabbed his face and pulled it towards mine. I felt his body shift and once he was free of his clothes, I felt his bare legs slide in between my stocking clad legs.

I reached down with one hand to feel what was about to slide inside me. This was truly the object of my desire the whole time we were apart. I wanted to know what I felt against my leg that night. I had fantasized every night of taking this rigid phallus deep inside me.

He slid himself towards me a little more as my hand encircled his manhood. It felt so wonderful feeling him for first time. He let out a sigh as I stroked him gently as we made out.

I let go of his face and reached for my purse. Feeling around I grabbed the first package I could find. I had gotten good at opening it with one hand, so as I pulled it out of my purse, I moved my hand between us.

I looked at him as I saw his eyes plead with mine and said, "I can't get pregnant!"

He looked at me like he understood, so I started gliding it down his cock until it stopped. I broke the kiss to look down, and it was about three quarters of the way on. As soon as I was sure he was covered, I slid my ass forward a couple inches on the table, until I just felt my ass cheeks holding me up.

I was still holding him with my hand as I felt the tip of his cock make contact with my bare pussy. I felt a shockwave course through my body. I was tingling all over. I started rubbing the tip of his cock up and down against my clit. I leaned back against the wall, tilting my pelvis up and sliding his cock down until I felt it penetrate me slightly. Once I knew it was in the right place, I let go of him, leaned back in to kiss him as I wrapped my legs around his torso.

He slowly started to thrust into me, as I rocked my pelvis slightly, trying to get him inside me. I was giving a little resistance, but soon enough I felt my muscles relax and I felt him slide a couple inches inside of me.
It was exquisite. So much better than my fake toy. Now that I knew he wasn't going anywhere, I slid my ass further off the table as I felt him penetrate me even deeper. I let out a loud moan as I felt him bottom out.

He started sliding back and forth inside me as I started moaning louder. I looked over and saw the bed. He must have read my thoughts. He just picked me up as I wrapped my legs tight around his ass. I felt him slide another inch inside me. I winced, but didn't say anything. He walked us to the bed and gently laid us down, him staying completely inside me the whole time.

As soon as he was situated, I pulled my dress up higher and he started moving out of me. I then felt him start sliding back inside me as he leaned in to kiss me. He felt wonderful. I could feel his bare thighs against mine. He whispered how sexy I was and how much he loved what I was wearing.

I told him it was all for him, and he could have me all night long if he wanted. He asked if he could have me any way he wanted, and I kinda bit my lip. I stared into his eyes as he stopped moving. I knew what he wanted, I planned for this, but now the time was here.

I reached up and pulled his face to mine. With the other hand I reached down between us. As I wrapped my hand around the base of his cock, which by the way was still outside of me, I felt him start sliding out. I felt the ring of the condom come into contact with my hand.

"Yes," was all I could say.

He slowly pulled himself out of me as I continued to roll it off of him. I sighed when I felt the head of his cock slide out of my wet pussy. I pulled my hand towards me as I felt the band get stuck at the head of his cock. Just a little gentle tug and it was free from the ridge. Only the tip was now covered.

I looked at him and said, "I want to feel you bare inside me, but I can't let you cum inside me."

He looked at me and kissed me as I rolled the remainder of the condom off his cock. I dropped the condom on the bed, grabbed his cock in my hand and placed it at the entrance to my pussy. As soon as he felt it enter me, he slid into me hard, almost knocking the wind out of me.

"Oh my God" I screamed.

I heard him moan.

There was definitely a different feel now. I heard him grunt as I squeezed my muscles tight around him. I felt the head of his cock slamming into the back of my pussy. I didn't know how long the diaphragm would last with that kind of assault.

He started breathing heavier into my neck as I felt his cock expand inside me.

His bare cock felt so much better inside me, it didn't take long to reach another mind blowing orgasm. I felt my toes curl up as I dug my fingers into his back. He thrust hard inside me as I felt my head start spinning. As soon as it overcame me, I screamed out and came harder on his cock than I had ever cum in my life. I could feel my pussy spasming on his cock, and that just rolled me from one orgasm to another.

I finally felt the last spasm shoot through my body, so I opened up my eyes and looked into his. This man had just given me the most satisfying orgasm of my life. I was still panting, trying to catch my breath as he just held still. I then remember him asking me if he could have me any way he wanted me.

It was now or never. I didn't know if I had the courage to go through with the rest of the plan, but as I laid there looking up at him, I knew what I wanted. I felt him push forward inside me, so I tilted my pelvis like I had done at home almost every night this week.

I saw him look at me, as he let out a moan and said that felt wonderful. He stopped moving as he held himself still.

I started flexing my muscles on his cock as I tilted my pelvis. He just held himself there as I pushed harder onto him and rotated my pelvis down by grinding my ass into the bed. I felt the tip of his cock hook something. As soon as he felt that, he slid back a little. I felt it move even further, and started imagining it pulling away from my cervix. He pulled a little farther, then slid back in. I felt the diaphragm slide on top of his cock as he slid forward.

He then slid back and I felt it move with him. When he slid back into me, it would stay put. He slid back one more time and I felt it crest the opening of my vagina. He reached down and gently pulled it out of me. He then asked, did you do that on purpose, as I felt him slide his cock all the way back inside me and touch my cervix.

I didn't say anything as I felt him pull himself out and slide back into me. It was the most fantastic feeling ever. I reached into his hand, grabbed the diaphragm, then laid it on the bed. I looked up into his eyes, as I said, "Now you really can't cum inside me. I'm not on birth control and there is nothing in the way of your sperm reaching my egg."

He sighed deeply as he relaxed his arms and laid his body completely against mine. He whispered, "I promise I will do whatever you ask me to do."

He then started moving slowly in and out of me. My next orgasm hit me like a train. He just held me tight as it passed. As soon as it was over, he started sliding back and forth again. I could feel every inch of his cock as it hit spots no one else had.

I heard him start panting and felt his cock expand. He raised up a little, looked at me, then said, "Oh my God, I have never met anyone like you before. I could easily fall for you."

I looked up and said, "I feel the same way. You feel fantastic inside me. Right where you belong."

"Did you mean to have me remove your diaphragm? Are you really completely bare?"

"No, I wasn't planning on that happening. I planned on taking off the condom, but hadn't decided on the diaphragm, but you feel so wonderful, I wouldn't have it any other way. And yes, I have no other means of protection. You are fucking my bare, unprotected pussy right now, and if you cum right now, you could make me pregnant."

He grunted as I felt his cock expand even more.

I looked up and said, "Is that what you want? Do you want to cum right now?"

"Yes, I want to cum right now!"

I reached my legs around his back, pulled him harder into me, pressed my body up against him, then leaned in and said. "I want you to tell me what you want." There was a yearning inside me to hear this man tell me what he wanted. Something inside me was telling me he wanted to. I had removed every barrier for him. Now I wanted to know what his desire was.

I felt him sliding harder into me as I said this. I could feel him tensing up against me. I could feel his cock expand. I felt him start to pull back as he said, "I'm so close!"

I pulled myself tight against him as he tried pulling away. I said, "How close are you?"

"So close! I'm about to cum!"

I then leaned my head back and said, " I told you I would let you have me any way you want me! Do you want to cum inside me? Do you want to plant your seed deep inside me? Tell me what you want!"

He stopped moving completely. We were face to face. I could see his desire in his eyes. I could feel every muscle in his body tense up. I knew he was on the verge. He grunted a little as I felt his cock twitch inside me.

I ran my hands down his back as he lay there looking at me. I felt his back arch and felt his cock slide a little further inside me as I traced my nails down his lower back.

He finally started to speak. He just said, "Yes".

I ran my hands lower until I felt his tight ass in my hands. I grabbed him and pulled him into me even more. I saw his face strain and I knew he was trying to hold on, but I knew what he wanted at that very moment.

I felt him slide back a little until my arms were completely stretched out. I looked up at him and said, "Yes what?"

He said, "Yes, I want to cum inside you!"

I felt him push forward. I wanted to close my eyes as I felt his cock start sliding deeper inside me, but I couldn't. I looked into his eyes and said, "Don't!"

He was just bottoming out inside me and I could feel his balls tighten up against my ass. He started to pull back, but I grabbed his ass even harder and said, "Don't... Pull out!"

As I said this, I felt him push as hard as he could into me. I felt his cock head hit the back of my pussy and keep going. I felt myself relax as I took more of his cock inside me. I knew there was nothing left to protect me. I felt myself open completely as the final inch of his cock penetrated me. I felt him hold me to him completely still as his balls tightened up even more against my ass..

I wrapped my legs and arms tighter around him as I felt his entire body twitch, from his head to his toes and all the way into me and against my cervix. Again I said, "Don't... Ugghh, Pull out! I want to feel you Cum. I want to feel all your sperm enter my body!" I pulled him close as I felt his body tense up and whispered, "There might be an egg inside me, just waiting for one of your sperm to find it!"

He let out a loud groan and I could see his face contort. I could feel his cock expand inside me. I closed my eyes and pictured the tip of his cock up against my cervix. I could see his cock pulsing. The first pulse opened the tip, but nothing came out. I saw it expand once again, this time I could see a beautiful stream of white cum shooting from the tip of his cock.

I opened my eyes as I felt the most intense orgasm rip through my body. I felt my pussy contract against his cock as it continued to pulse inside me. My body was now coaxing more of his sperm out of the tip of his cock and directly against my cervix. I could feel each jet pulsing into my bare womb. I could feel millions of sperm swimming inside me. No condom, no diaphragm, and no pills. Nothing to stop him from impregnating me, just how I saw it in my dreams every night for the last week.

His arms almost gave out as I felt most of his weight on me. We were both panting so hard, it felt like neither of us could catch our breath. I started to get dizzy, thinking I was going to pass out as I felt the last pulse run the entire length of his cock. I knew I had every ounce of his cum deep inside me just as I passed out.

I woke up a little while later, almost like coming out of a soft, soothing nap. I ran my hands down my body, flatting my dress as I went down. It was no longer bunched up around my waist, but neatly pulled down. I ran my hands to both sides of me, but only felt an empty bed.

I ran my hands back across my stomach, down to my belly and started rubbing my lower abdomen, thinking about what I had just done, but instead of feeling ashamed, I started to smile a little. I finally got the courage to open my eyes, hoping it hadn't been just a dream.

The bedroom I was in was unfamiliar. The room itself was massive. The comforter under me felt amazing. Every detail was taken into account in this fabulous place. The lights were very bright and seemed to be coming from all over, but no one was in the room, besides myself. I knew it hadn't been a dream, so I decided to go look for Rick.

As I stood up, my knees were a little shaky. I managed to walk over to the mirror. I looked radiant. My hair was a mess, but my skin was glowing. I ran my fingers through my hair, and did my best to wrangle it into looking somewhat presentable. I walked out the door and into the hallway.

I could hear voices as I entered what must have been the dining room. As I emerged, I heard Rick's voice say, "You look beautiful!"

I walked slowly over to him as I heard him ask for more salt. I looked behind him and saw the same maƮtre d' that had given me the room key. He pulled out a seat for me as I started smelling the most delightful food laid out on the table.

Rick looked at me and said, "I figured you would be hungry. I took the pleasure of ordering you some food."

Hungry was an understatement. As I sat, a napkin was placed in my lap and the silver cover was removed. Lobster and King Crab lined the plate. The Maitre 'd went to work removing all the shells and poured me a glass of what looked like a very expensive glass of Chardonnay. I thanked him as I began eating my salad.

Dinner was absolutely wonderful. I thanked the Maitre D' for his assistance as he cleaned the table. I stood up and excused myself to the ladies room. I freshened up, and just as I was going to come out, I heard the elevator ding. I heard the conversation of Rick thanking the Maitre D' for his services, then heard him tell him he would not be needed the rest of the evening.

I decided to surprise my wonderful host when I exited the bathroom, so I reached behind me and unzipped the dress. I then let it fall to the floor as I peeled off the straps to the night gown and let that fall as well. I undid the clasps on the thigh highs and rolled them off my legs, then undid the fasteners holding the bustier on.

I stood in the bathroom admiring myself as I stood there in just the panties I had on when I walked in. I then stepped into the night gown I had worn and unlocked the door.

I stepped into the empty hallway and glanced towards the bedroom. Rick was not in there. I then walked into the Dining room and he wasn't in there either. I then saw a faint light coming from the balcony, so I slowly walked towards it.

I found him sitting on a beautiful outdoor chair in what had to be the largest balcony I had ever seen. I walked over to him, bent down and kissed him, thanking him for the wonderful meal.

He wrapped his free hand around my waist and thanked me for the fabulous company. He told me he would love for me to keep him company more often, while he has to travel out here.

I told him there was a good possibility that I could do that. I kissed him again, then turned and walked away. I went into the bedroom and found my purse. I looked over to the bed and saw the used condom and diaphragm. I reached into my purse and grabbed my phone.

It was still early in the evening, so I checked my messages. I had a few from my girlfriends and a couple from my husband. I opened my husband's messages up, and found a couple pictures of him. He was dressed up in the entire set I had sent him with. Then one fully clothed. I sent him a text telling him he looked sexy as hell. Then asked him if he was still wearing it.

My husband responded that indeed he was and that he was just finishing dinner. He asked how my night was going and if I was enjoying myself.

I grinned as I thought back on how the night had been so far, and texted him, "My night has been fantastic. I will definitely have a wonderful story for you." I then turned around, aimed the camera so you could see most of my body, as well as the strange bed behind me with the open condom and the diaphragm, and snapped a picture.

I replaced my phone in my purse after I hit send then walked back out towards the balcony. I found Rick still in the same chair as I walked outside. He was wrapping up a conversation on the phone when I heard him say, "I love you, goodnight."

I walked over to him and felt his arm wrap around my waist as I leaned over and kissed him again just as he hung up.

He asked if everything was alright, so I nodded and said yes. I then asked if that was his wife, to which he said yes, and the kids.

I reached down and undid the sash on his robe, as I bent over, sticking my ass up and kissed him. I felt his hands grab my waist as I opened his robe to find him completely naked underneath. I wrapped my arms around his neck as I felt his hands pull my night gown up and over my ass. I then felt his fingers hook the band on my panties and pull them down.

I stepped out of the panties, leaving them laying on the floor as I placed my knees on either side of his legs. I could feel his cock against my stomach as I started kissing him hard on the lips. I then leaned in and asked him, "How many kids do you have?"

He answered into my ear, "3 with my current wife, 2 with my previous."

I asked him how old they were, as I started grinding my stomach against his hard cock, rubbing up and down on it.

He answered all different ages as I continued to grind myself into his hard cock.

I was getting completely turned on, knowing he had 5 kids, and that he had just hung up the phone after talking to his wife.

He then asked if I had checked in with my husband, to which I confirmed. He asked if everything was alright.

I told him everything was fantastic as I raised myself up and felt his cock slip between my legs. I then reached down with my left hand, the diamond band shining in the moonlight, and guided him to the spot. I was already breathing heavy from the teasing, so when I relaxed my legs and felt his cock slide completely inside me, I saw stars.

He grabbed my waist under my nightgown and just held me there, as I started rocking back and forth, feeling his big hard cock sliding back and forth inside me. I could feel it hitting my cervix, then thought about the diaphragm still on the bed.

I twisted my head, feeling the