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My Best BBC Yet!!!

by Gary

07/19/2016 03:54 in domination



My First Date With Greg

Jim, my husband of 15 years, promised me a special steamy night, and asked me to dress up extra nice and sexy. I love to make Jim happy, so I really wanted to look super hot for him. I took a nice long shower, spent a lot of time doing my hair and nails, and carefully did my makeup. Of course, I shaved my legs and groin area really well too! I checked myself out in the bathroom mirror, and then slinked into our bedroom to show off my primping to Jim. He was sitting on the bed, so I stood a few feet in front of him to let him get a good look at me.

"What ya think?" I asked as I dropped my robe to expose my naked body and did a slow twirl for him. "Cute enough for tonight?"

"Wow, you look just amazing!" Jim said with excitement as he stood up. "You still give me an instant hard-on. I can't believe that someone with such a hot body married me!"

"Thank you," I said politely. "You are the best husband ever. And I love your hard-on. But, I guess I've never met a hard-on I didn't like!"

"Well, I don't want you to damage any erections tonight, so let me check how well you shaved" Jim chuckled as he dropped to his knees. "We wouldn't want to see any penis parts getting scuffed up!"

"I think it is all safe for use and super velvety soft," I said confidently. "But you are welcome to check it out for yourself. And even if I did scuff a penis up a bit during the rock'n and roll'n, I can always kiss it and make it all better."

"We know you will be kissing it a bunch anyway," Jim laughed. "But I want it to be very penis-friendly down here."

I widened my stance a bit as Jim ran his hand up and down my groin, carefully checking to make sure I was totally smooth. He took his time and gently massaged all up and down my inner thighs and all around my pussy.

"Nice job shaving, Amy. And you are super aroused," Jim said with excitement as his fingers traced the wet outline of my slit. "You are just dripping with excitement. I officially declare that this bad boy is all smooth and slippery and ready to dish out some incredible fun!"

"You'd better stop rubbing at it," I groaned. "Any more of that and you'll need to finish me off right now."

"Ok, I'll stop," Jim said with a smile as he wiped his wet fingers on his pants. "I just want you to be uber horny for tonight, and it sure seems that you are. Now let's get you ready for your your date."

"You sure you don't want to keep all this for yourself," I teased as I reached down and opened my pink lips a bit. A wispy thread of my wetness drifted from my overly-aroused pussy. "You don't have to share me. And I have been working hard on my kegel exercises, so this little tunnel is getting really good and grippy. Even when wet. "

"Oh, that sounds really appealing, and I do love a slippery grippy vagina, but I will wait my turn." Jim said with a devilish smile as he dabbed up the wisp with his finger. "I want someone else to stretch your pussy out good and really have fun in it first." Jim got up and picked up his beer bottle. A long neck Corona light, and took a big gulp so it was half empty, and knelt down in front of me again.

"I know it is super slippery in there, but let's check its grippiness," Jim said with a smile. "Let's see how you do with this bottle." He slipped the rim just inside me and then moved it in and out a few times to coat the neck of the bottle. He then let the base of the bottle rest on his open palm as he held it so just the rim was in me. "Ok, give it a try," Jim said, watching the bottle intently. I tightened my pussy, and the bottle lifted steadily until it was about an inch over his palm. I was able to keep it up for about 30 seconds, and then it slowly drifted back to rest again on his palm.

"How was that?" I asked rhetorically. "Pretty good suction, right."

"Oh fuck that is going to feel good on your date tonight," Jim said with real excitement. "I want you to show that to him first thing after you panties come off! But don't use the bottle, use his penis."

"Yes sir," I said with a grin. "I will suction his dick first thing as you request."

"I know you will," Jim said. "You always give it your all. But that is just amazing."

"So where are we going?" I asked excitedly. "Are we going back to the Hyatt again? I love the kinky things I can do on their furniture. And its so cool that they clean up all the cum mess for us!!"

"Not tonight," Jim replied. "I want to get some really good pictures of your date action, so he's coming over here. He texted me that he will be here soon. I showed him your pics, and told him all about your magical pussy. He is obviously very excited to meet you. "

"Oh, are you going to be in the room to watch us then?" I asked. "You normally don't like to hang around with us after my date's clothes come off."

"Well, I am OK with him being naked around you," Jim said thoughtfully. "I just cringe a little when his penis is going in and out of you and you start making that little moan with each thrust."

"I don't want you to be sad or uncomfortable while I am getting laid," I replied. "Maybe I could just take more pictures and text them to you in real time as he fucks me."

"No, I really want to try to be closer to the live action this time," Jim said firmly. "It will probably bother me some to be right there during the more intense pounding, but I want to see if I can handle it. I love seeing pictures after the fact, so it's only a matter of degree to stay in the room while his penis works its magic in you."

"If you get uncomfortable, I can always ask him to stop the pounding and I can go back to sucking on him," I offered. "He might even like switching back and forth with my mouth, and it would give you time to adjust to the fucking."

"Thanks for the offer," Jim said. "But I want you to have a great time with him, and I don't want to get in the way of a wonderful sex experience for you. If the banging gets too intense for me, I can just leave."

Jim and I have been doing this hotwife thing for about 12 of our 15 years married, and he's only stayed in the room to watch the more intimate parts of the dates a couple times. And he's never liked it. He's not into the humiliation like some hotwife husbands are, so he has always stayed out while the banging is actually happening, and prefers that I show him some pictures of the action or just describe it to him after it is all done. It was interesting that now he wanted to try being close again. I must admit that I like the idea of him watching live while my date screws me, but I don't want to see my husband hurt.

"You can always watch the shagging for a bit and then leave if it gets too intense for you or you get uncomfortable," I suggested. "I like that you want to be there with us, but I know it's hard for you to see him thrusting away in me."

"Well, I do have a plan," Jim said. "I will try to stay in the room with you two and take some pictures while you go down on him, but then maybe I'll step out and go downstairs after he has put it in your pussy. Maybe I will come back and watch him climax, though."

"I am good with that," I replied. "Most of the guys you set me up with want to get right to the main event, so I usually don't spend that much time sucking. And of course I would love to have you watch him cum on me."

"Don't rush the fellatio, as I do want to get some good close up pictures of you giving him his blowjob," Jim said with growing excitement. "I even got you some new lipstick that color coordinates with his head color."

"That's fucking awesome!" I exclaimed as Jim handed me the tube. "How cool to give a color coordinated blowjob! I promise to kiss his head extra good and hard for you!"

"Yeah, the pictures of you kissing his head should be really cool," Jim said. "So we'll take some extra time at the start and have you do some posing with his penis, and then have you do a good firm sucking. I'd love to see you leave some serious lipstick kiss marks on his head and shaft."

"Your wish is my command," I said with my best army voice. "Private Amy ready to fellate my date! No dick too big. Sir.!"

I went back to the bathroom and put a thick layer of Jim's new lipstick on. I wanted to be sure that there was enough on so that when I kissed, I would leave a nice lip mark on my date's dick. It was a deep burgundy color with a hint of dark brown. I made a big "O" mouth in the mirror. I smiled at my blowjob face.

"Based on the color of this lipstick, I would guess you have a black guy set up for me tonight?" I asked excitedly as I walked back into the bedroom. "Seems you've been setting me up with a lot of blacks lately."

"Yes, he is black. VERY black," Jim said with a smile. "I think your fair caucasian skin is going to look great contrasting against him in the pictures."

"Have you checked out his package?" I asked with a nervous laugh. "You know I appreciate a good sized one!"

"Oh yeah," Jim laughed. "I don't want to spoil the surprize, but you are in for a treat!. A BIG treat."

"Have I been with this guy before?" I asked. "You've set me up with like 20 blacks in the past couple years."

"Twenty-four, to be exact. And nope, he's brand new, so he will be number 25," Jim said with a growing smile. "He sent me some pictures so I could confirm he was a good fit for you, so to speak. I think you will be pleased with my selection."

Jim had been out shopping earlier, and he had several fancy crisp shopping bags on the bed with some special new date clothes. I am pretty hot, and love showing my body. At 5-6, 115 pounds, I can fit into all the cutest outfits, and I love things that show off my little butt. And Jim loves getting me all dressed up for my dates!!

"Let's dress you up real sexy so your boy gets extra hard for us," Jim said as he handed me some red lace panties, bra, and sheer thigh-high stockings. "I got red lingerie as I think that's gonna look really good next to his dark black skin."

"It sure will," I agreed. "He can take the bra and panties off of me, but I certainly will have him keep the stockings on for you."

"I do like it when your dates fuck you while you wear stockings," Jim said as he helped put the stockings on. "But we'll keep the panties on, too, until you are done sucking his dick. I will leave not too long after he takes these panties off."

"Sounds great," I said. "What about the bra? On or off when I'm sucking his dick."

"Let's do half and half," Jim said. "We'll start with it on and then he take it off so he can put his dick between your boobs. I want to get a few tit fucking pictures, too."

By now I had the bra, panties and stockings on, and got my black heels from the closet and put them on. I looked at myself in the full-length mirror, and knew I looked really good. Very fuckable.

"So this is my blowjob outfit," I said proudly as I spun around for my husband. "What do you think?"

"Wow. Just wow!" Jim exclaimed. "It will be a miracle if he doesn't cum in your mouth in the first 5 seconds of sucking."

"Well if he did I would be flattered. And splattered," I said laughing at my rhyme. "But I will be careful not to over-stimulate him early on."

Jim just laughed and balanced me while I stepped into the new little cream-colored dress he was holding.

"He's ganna contrast nicely with this dress, too," I said as Jim zipped up the back. "We can get some pictures with me in this, but I will be careful to take it off before his cum starts to leak."

"Yeah, good plan," Jim said with a smile. "This guy claims to have a ton of volume, so he would likely leave a nasty stain on this silk, and I'd sure like to get more than one date out out it. Although I did select a cum-colored dress for you, just in case."

"It's a beautiful dress, and I will take good care of it," I said firmly. "I will make sure it is well out of the line of fire when he is ready to spurt. And I will be careful to lick up all his pre-cum."

Jim held my hands and gave me a slow deep gaze, and gave me a long hug.

"Have fun tonight. You know I really love it when you really go all out with a date," he said softly. "I will stay in the room with you as long as I can."

"I will make you very proud," I said firmly. "You are such a great husband."

With that Jim pulled the comforter and blanket off the bed and set them in the closet. He tossed a couple extra pillows on the bed, opened up the drapes and turned all the lights on.

"OK, the room is ready for you two," Jim said. "I will turn the lights down after I finish taking pictures and leave."

"You've never let me date in our master bed before," I said with surprise. "This is really cool. I will fuck him extra hard for you!"

"I figured you'd like it. And the lighting is really good in here," Jim said matter-of-factly. "And this bed has a better sex bounce than the one in the spare bedroom downstairs that you usually use."

"And it squeaks better, too" I said with a grin. "You know how a good rhythmic squeak gets me going."

"Well, I suspect there's gonna be some good squeaking in store for you in a few minutes," Jim said as he sat and noisily bounced hard on the bed. "This guy is 6-4, 220, and very athletic. He should be able to muster up some good pounding energy for you!"

"Fuck yeah," I said with an unstoppable grin. "I assume you will be gone by then, but I bet you will hear the ruckus all through the house."

"Yeah, I might be gone by then," Jim said. "I will listen, though, so I know when to come back for his finale."

The doorbell rang and Jim grabbed my arm and pulled me hard toward the stairs.

"Right on time," Jim said excitedly. "Let's get you laid."

Jim opened the door, and in came the most gorgeous black man I have ever seen. Tall, very dark, nicely built, and a fun genuine smile that filled the room. He was going to be a super fun fuck.

"Greg, I'd like you to meet my wife, Amy," Jim said as I reached out to shake Greg's hand.

Greg took my hand and pulled me close to him. My head only came to his chest. He had a command about him that made my knees weak, and he smelled sooooooo great. He put his hands on the side of my head, tipped my head back, and he gave me a deep long kiss. He had an amazing tongue. I could feel the moisture dripping from me as he explored my mouth. He kissed for at least 20 seconds, and then pulled away.

"Considering what I'll be doing to you in a few minutes," Greg said with a cute smile. "A good kiss seemed more appropriate than a handshake."

"Very true," I said with an awkward laugh. "I am really looking forward to finding out what you have in store for me!!"

"As am I," Jim said. "This is going to be a really good evening."

"And based on the way you sucked on my tongue," Greg said smiling. "I bet my dick's in for an epic blowjob."

"Yes, sir," I said with my army voice again. "Private Amy here, ready to suck your dick."

"Hope you can handle it big," Greg said firmly. "And long."

"I promise you she will blow it well," Jim replied confidently. "Even if she can't get it all in her mouth at once, you will get a quality sucking."

"Still can't believe you want me to fuck your wife," Greg said quizzically looking now at Jim. "But she is super hot, and I am super horny, so I guess if you're good with it, so am I." Greg handed Jim a sealed envelope. Jim opened it, and took almost a minute to carefully read and study it. Greg just fondled my breasts as Jim read.

"Ok, Greg is clean and STD free," Jim said with a smile. "So let the jizz fly at will!"

"Yeahhhh!" Is all I could think to say.

"Fucking weird little white boy," Greg said shaking his head. "But I will do what you want and soak your wife good with my cum!! And I warned you on the phone, I shoot a lot."

"Let's get going," Jim said as he picked up his camera and headed upstairs. "I want to get some good photos while the sun is still up." Jim made a quick stop at the hall closet and picked up several hand towels. "I'll set these around the bedroom so we can clean up the cum as needed, since it sounds like there will be lots of it flying around."

"Not gonna be much to clean up," Greg said seriously. "Your little wifey is gonna be swallowing about a gallon of sperm before I get done with her. She needs to be careful not to waste any of my semen."

"Fuck yeah," I said almost breathlessly. "I am up for a challenge. And what I don't swallow immediately, I will try to lick up. I promise."

Jim just smiled and started taking pictures. I could see he was really hard.

Jim had Greg and I do some fully clothed pictures, and then he got several of Greg taking off my dress. I opened up Greg's shirt, and pulled down his dark blue designer jeans. He was wearing white silk boxers, and I could see his purplish-burgundy head through the light fabric. He was not even hard yet, but his dick looked huge.

"I wore the new boxers you got me," Greg said to Jim.

"Thanks," Jim replied. "Amy, just pull his dick through the front opening."

I did as Jim requested, and reached in and pulled it out the front. It was gigantic and very dark. Like a thick dark long link of kielbasa sausage. Only way firmer. Jim had picked out the perfect matching lipstick color. Not the same color as Greg's head, but very complimentary. I knelt down and looked at the camera as I held it against my cheek. I put it in several positions, and Jim took tons of pictures while I kissed it and licked it all over. I finally took Greg's boxers off, and Jim got a ton more pictures of me kissing Greg's balls. Greg took off my bra and had me kick off my shoes. A few more pictures of my boobs rubbing him, and then Greg picked me up and laid me on the bed. With one hand he lifted my butt and pulled my panties off. As I had hoped, he left the stockings on, but other than that I was naked.

"Before you start fucking her, there is something we want to show you," Jim said to Greg. "Can you just get on your back for a second and let Amy get on top?"

"Sure, but it better be quick cause I am ready to fuck her," Greg scowled. "Ya got one minute, then I start pounding her."

"It will be worth it," Jim said. "C'mon Amy, show him."

Greg was a large man, and his dick stood straight up maybe 10 inches above his body. So I stood on the bed straddling him and slowly lowered my pussy to him, and let slip in about 4 inches (way less than half of him in me!), and then stopped. I suctioned really hard, and stood up a little bit. You could see Greg lift up off the bed just a teeny bit, but I did lift him some.

"Oh fuck," Greg sighed, looking shocked. "That is a fucking amazing pussy. Just like a vaccum cleaner."

I held it as long as I could, and then let him go. It slipped out with a loud "pop" as the suction broke.

"Pretty cool, huh," Jim asked. "That should be fun for you to play in."

Greg turned and walked to Jim.

"You gonna watch me bang her." Greg said.

"I don't think so. I'll just take a couple more pictures as you first put your dick into her, and then I'll go downstairs," Jim said, thinking Greg was asking him a question. "Then you can have your fun with her."

"That wasn't a question, dumbass," Greg said even more firmly. "You ARE gonna watch me bang your wife. This is fucking weird, and I want you to see what you got your little wifey into."

Jim just squeaked out a little "I don't want to watch you fuck Amy."

"Come here, little guy," Greg barked as he grabbed Jim by the arm and moved him toward the balcony door. "I say you watch me pound your tiny wife's tiny pussy with my big black cock." Greg unlocked the sliding door, opened it, and moved Jim onto the balcony. He closed and locked the door. Jim just stood staring at us through the sliding glass door.

"Jim doesn't like to watch this part," I said starting to protest. "Seeing a really large penis in me can upset him."
"Well then, Amy, my dick is REALLY going to piss him off," Greg said with a devilish grin. "And yes, he is going to watch."

I guess I loved the aggression, so I smiled back. "OK then," I said. "Let's put on a good show for him."

And man did we. Greg laid me on my back and immediately pushed into me in a missionary position. And then he started going faster and deeper and harder. Every thrust pushed my whole body deep into the mattress. He found a rhythm that made the bed, him and me all bounce in a naked harmonic rhythm. And the bed squealed its approval with every thrust, mixing erotically with my moans and his grunts. I started cumming, and screamed and scratched his back as my spasms shot through my body. My cumming did not phase him at all. He kept pounding, and I kept cumming. He lifted me and put me on top, and I rocked into him as hard as I could, making the bed squeal with pleasure. I could see him looking at Jim. And smiling. He turned me around so I, too, was facing Jim. Greg's strong hands lifted me up and down on his enormous shaft, and soon I was coming again.

"Now you are gonna suck it," Greg commanded as he lifted me off his penis. "Show your weenie husband how it fills your mouth." Greg stood up and tossed a pillow toward the glass door. He pulled me over to the pillow, and pushed me to my knees. He stood next to the door, and pulled my mouth over his head. Once he got my mouth stretched, Greg just put his hands behind his head and rocked his hips to meet my sucking rhythm. After a few minutes he pushed my head off him.

"Suck my balls," he said loudly, looking at Jim. "Suck them until my precum drips all over you."

And I did. I pressed his dick almost vertical against his stomach, and sucked and licked his balls. First gently, and then much more aggressively. His precum flowed from him, and ran down my hand and arm. Every so often I would stop licking his balls, and lick the precum off of me, and off his dick.

"Nice work," Greg said with a horny smile. "Not a drop on the floor."

"Thanks," I said while pulling a nice drop of precum off the tip of his penis. "I have great respect for jizz."

"Enough sucking, I want to fuck some more," Greg said, suddenly very serious. "And then I'm going blow a billion sperm into your mouth."

"Sir. Fuck yes, Sir," I said as I stood up. "Ready for my fucking!! Waiting for sperm!"

Jim knocked gently on the glass door, and gave us a small smile and two thumbs up.

Greg kicked a padded ottoman toward the glass door. He pushed me to my knees and bent me over it, facing the glass (and Jim). He knelt behind me and pressed my knees wide apart and pushed hard into me. He grunted with every thrust, and my forehead hit the window each time he bottomed into me. I had a couple more orgasms, and then was totally drained. He continued pounding hard into me, his balls loudly slapping my butt. He called out in a constant guttural groan, and was getting so close to cumming. He pulled back on my hair, lifting my face to look at Jim. Jim was less than a foot away, watching his wife take a doggy pounding from a well-hung black man. Greg suddenly lifted me and kicked the ottoman away, and pushed me to my knees in front of him. My mouth went around him, and I could taste his bitter saltiness growing in my mouth. His first two splashes hit deep in my throat, but then he pulled out and kept his aim at my lips. I left them open, and he continued to shoot on my face, in my mouth, and on my boobs. He let a couple shots go over my head, which splashed loudly on the glass door. He must have had 15 spurts, and he left my upper body and hair coated in his spunk.

Once the jizz slowed to a trickle, I licked his penis and balls clean, and wiped some off my body and into my mouth. I even turned and faced Jim, and licked the cum from the glass. Jim was less than six inches from my face as I lapped up Greg's goo.

"You were an amazing fuck, and a good sport about this" Greg said breathlessly to me, but looking at Jim. "I don't get your husband, but I'd fuck you again."

"You were fantastic," I said as I kissed away some new sperm still slowly oozing from him. "I would love to do this again."

Greg grabbed a hand towel and wiped my saliva off his dick, got dressed, and left. After he was gone, I unlocked the sliding glass door and let Jim in. He silently gave me a long huge hug and kiss. He pulled away, and his shirt was soaked with Greg's cum that I had missed, and I could see Greg's jizz glistening on his face and hands.

"Thanks, Jim," I said softly. "I had so much fun with Greg. Hope it wasn't too bad watching."

"It was exhausting," Jim said a bit sadly. "But I could see you had a great time. And he didn't lie, he came a bunch! You did a great job handling it."

Jim was texting, and his mood suddenly got a little better.

"I was just texting Greg," Jim said with the hint of a sparkle. "He will be here same time tomorrow."

I gave Jim a huge hug and kiss and licked a bit of Greg's cum off his cheeks. "Thanks Jim," I said firmly. "You are a great husband."

"And you made me proud today," Jim said.

"Will you be on the balcony again tomorrow?" I asked.

"Yes." He replied.

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